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March 16, 2021 by zantevillas20
Villas Owners

Spiros & Jamie

Divine & Dream Zante Villas Houses are owned by Spiros & Jamie, a local family business specializing in accommodation arrangements on the island of Zante-Greece.

The founder and owner of  Zante (Divine & Dream) Villas, Spiros & Jamie
gathered his love and care for Zante island in 2 exclusive private villas houses offering accommodation that exceeds the standards of 5-star hotels.

The location of the holiday villas was carefully picked, bearing in mind the need for privacy and the exceptional Zakynthos country side.

Divine & Dream

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Guests will be able to enjoy high standard holidays away from the tourist crowded areas of the Zakynthos (Zante)  island. At the same time, all the famous attractions of the area are near driving distances!

We believe that in order to experience the full experience of relaxed vacation, it is essential to let your self completely stress-free and feel another level of relaxation. Divine & Dream Villas is a place which you can easily accomplish that.

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Zante Villas Best Price

Best Price

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE! The Zante Villas gives a Best Price Guarantee on all offered travel dates and even for special offers! Nowhere else is the

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Zante Villas & Yachts

Yachts Cruises

MAKE MEMORIES WITH US Try a cruise around the beautiful island of Zakynthos to discover the famous Navagio or Marathonisi  to dive into the crystal

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Navagio Zante

Villas or Hotels

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